Monday, February 16, 2015

Magnolia & Interbay - Final Bits of the Seattle Loop

Aurora Bridge from Fremont Bridge
Bertona Stairway, near 15th Avenue
I jumped on bus #33 at Gilman & 24th in Magnolia on Saturday night. As such, that was where I should have returned to start hiking this morning. Logistical concerns had me start at the other end, though, back at the Fremont Troll, where I'd begun last Monday midday. I was met by a friend, and we began our walk down hill to the Fremont Bridge, crossed over and walked along the Fremont Cut of the Ship Canal. The day's weather was glorious. We walked up and around Seattle Pacific University's campus, both of us commenting on how much larger the campus was than we had previously known. We found the two final long stairways along the route and crossed underneath busy 15th Avenue. I munched on carrots as we meandered along, enjoying the vitamin D and warm weather. We stopped at a convenience store to use the bathroom, and I purchased a V8 and cheese stick. A delicious combination. We continued along Gilman Avenue, which then becomes Government Way, a stretch my friend described as 'boring, so boring, like so much of west Seattle, aside from the beaches part.' I enjoyed being able to see the train yard below. We took the bike route down to the Ballard Locks, walked across and finished our hike at the Lock Spot Cafe, where we enjoyed a celebratory lunch.

I'm glad to have successfully completed the route. I'd like to do it again sometime, in fewer days and with a quicker pace, probably counter-clockwise next time, to change things up. There's an additional 20 mile extension that catches four of the other farther-flung stairways. I hope to do that part next month. I have fallen in love with stairways and my city, again.

Ruffner Stairway, near the Ship Canal

Hiking with a friend

Bike & Pedestrian Route over the Great Northern RR Line

Ballard Locks with water flowing fast

Surprise reminder


  1. So much fun to read these accounts, Kelley. You have become quite the stairway enthusiast and ambassador. I already was looking forward to a trip to Seattle someday for a few days of stairways and you have heightened my sense of excitement at the prospect. Bob

  2. Bob ~ Thank you! Your words encourage me. I hope to walk with you again one day.

  3. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your adventure

  4. Thanks, Jeremy! It's a great feeling to know that you were reading.