Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Rougher parts of south Seattle & Downtown with Glorious Weather - Day Four of Michael Yadrick's Route

I rode bus 124 up from Tukwila to start today's hike at Spokane Street & Busway. It made sense to stop there last night because it was just prior to going through more industrial areas with little foot traffic and thus lacking the feelings of safety that come with other pedestrians. In any case, it made for an anticlimactic start but it did introduce me to a number of stairs and areas where I hadn't been before on foot. 

The best parts came a few miles in, though, when I walked right through the International District and then over the Yesler bridge into downtown. I walked for a total of three hours, which was what I could squeeze in around today's other activities. It felt good to be out pushing my heart and legs to get me up and down. I cut the day short due to a dead phone battery (no maps without my phone), since I forgot to pack the correct cord to charge it from my back up battery. As a result, I have no photos of Pike's place market, where I bought myself a celebratory pork bun. 

The Spokane Street stairs allow a pedestrian to get up on north Beacon Hill. 

Filthy stairs underneath the Spokane Street ramp to Beacon Hill

Accurate representation of the Jungle's condition

Coming down from the northern tip of Beacon Hill 

Crossing the Jose Rizal Bridge into the International District

Ironwork on Jose Rizal bridge

Stairs connecting International District with Yesler Terrace

Illegal encampments on one side, construction of new buildings on the other

I love this view - from the Yesler Street bridge over I5

Descending through downtown's 'Freeway Park'