Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Found Boat Launch on our last night out: Kayaking the Salton Sea

Gary, Roxanne, Reed & Kelley

A Lovely morning walk across the Desert back to the Sea
Yesterday we got back to paddling on the Salton Sea, after nearly two days of rest due to the high winds. It was a lovely, calm day with a light breeze that allowed us to use the sail for an assist. We coasted down the sea, and all through this tranquil scene, I was filled with anxiety. Where were we going to find a place to camp for the night? What if the terrible winds returned? We're we going to have to trudge through mud flats, dragging the kayak in order to get above water line? Were we going to have to paddle all night because we couldn't find anywhere to pull out boat out of the water? None of these dreaded fears came to fruition. In retrospect, it seems as though I was feeling the fears of a few days prior. At that time, I had needed to focus on solutions & this hadn't been able to feel the anxieties accompanying our situation. Yesterday it was safe enough to do so, and I felt all of them! As the sun sank lower, we found an impromptu wooden boat launch. Once again, we were able to get ashore without trudging through mud. We even found an adequate camp site just 200 yards away, on a slightly higher place, with sand & barnacle she'll beach beneath it.

This morning we begin our last day of paddling the Salton Sea loop. It's another calm day, sunny, birds making a racket of sounds. We are cheddar cheese & Nutella sandwiches for breakfast & I drank rehydrated Nestea. We're off to see what more we can see today, on this SW corner of the lake.

Graffiti artwork on an old military building on the SW shore of the Salton Sea 

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