Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Long Journey to the Trailhead: Arizona Trail Here We Come

Ready and excited to board Amtrak & get to sleep! 
Our Chariot between San Diego & LA

We're on our way to Arizona now & happy to be steadily making progress towards the American southwest. It's been a long journey already, with a 2.5 hour drive from Seward to Anchorage, two flights that ended up costing me a night of sleep & a 3 hour Express Greyhound bus ride between San Diego & Los Angeles. We've spent the afternoon here in LA, walking across the Arts District, eating Mexican food & waiting here at Union Station for our all night 'Sunset Limited' train to Tucson, Arizona.

Yesterday was a blur of packing up our house, cleaning & trying to remember to pack all the things that will be crucial to our survival & relative comfort over the coming two months. We are grateful for our dear friend, Margaret, in Anchorage, who has made this journey so much more possible, by driving us to the airport & keeping our car for us this spring. There are so many crucial details that go into being able to depart ones normal life for an extended period. We are fortunate that we have generous people in our lives who help us achieve our goals & hopes. Thank you, friends & family!
The colors and design remind me of the Arizona State Flag
Indeed! We were grateful to arrive!
LA's Arts District

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