Sunday, February 4, 2018

One Adventure Not Intended

Moss Growing in Lord Hill Regional Park
Our intention was to end up in a warm place, somewhere we could paddle and hike. Thus far, we haven't made it there. Instead, we're in Seattle, which was intended to be our in-between stopover on the way south from Alaska. The story of what happened is long and unpleasant, but the upshot is that we are fortunate to have kind and generous friends and family all around the puget Sound. A number of them have taken us in, offered us food and shelter while I recover from my sickness. 
Hooray for hiking with my niece, Amelia

On Tuesday morning, just before our scheduled airplane departure, I was struck with a debilitating headache and nausea. I ended up spending an inordinate amount of time in a few different Seatac Airport family restrooms, losing all the calories that I had consumed, and then some. It's taken a number of days, and a visit to a doctor and the Swedish Cherry Hill Emergency Room to figure out what was going on with me. It seems that I am experiencing midlife onset of severe migraines. The good news is that I didn't have a brain bleed, nor do I have a tumor. But I have been sick and mostly in bed for seven days now. During that time, I have learned anew of the superb care and concern that my husband has for me. I've learned how devoted my married family is to caring for me. And I've learned that Alaska Airlines is who I want to fly with for all future travel. Their "distressed passenger' services were superb. 

Prior to my sickness setting in, we had six days in Seattle of fun times visiting friends and family. A big perk was hiking in Lord Hill Regional Park with my niece, Amelia. I was honored when she asked me to take her hiking. We got to explore the park's trails, interpret the maps to the landscape and smell the rain soaked air. 

Beautiful shrubbery in residential Seattle, WA
View of Puget Sound from Edmonds, Washington
Back in the big city of Seattle, we walked around the gorgeous neighborhood of Seward Park, admiring the landscape and the perfectness of the majority of the houses. Our neighborhoods in Seward, Alaska shares so little in common with these manicured lawns and homes. Alaska is all about functionality and storing one's toys and tools. Our own yard has stacks of plywood, a trailer, and a big stack of paving stones, awaiting spring to be laid back out in the yard. Seattle, on the other hand, presents beautiful neighborhoods of gorgeous landscape and homes. It was delightful to the eyes to walk around the neighborhood. 

We're now reconfiguring, awaiting the healing of my mind and body. Soon, I hope, we'll have a new plan for this month. We are full of ideas and hopes, but it at this point, I can't travel anywhere until I'm much better. Even being able to write on the computer has been a long time coming. For seven days now I've been wanting to write. I'm thankful that I'm finally able to do so. Here's to tomorrow being brighter and healthier!

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