Thursday, June 11, 2015

Early Summer in Alaska

Lake One where we saw a Beaver previously
Reed and I have been living & working here in Denali, Alaska for six weeks now. We've settled into the daily and weekly rhythm of our jobs. Reed is doing maintenance at the Grande Denali Lodge. I am working as the housing manager for employee housing for the employees of Grande Denali Lodge and Denali Bluffs Hotel. We're learning a great deal in our new roles & enjoying the challenge.

We get two days off per week, and we've managed to have the same days off thus far. We've done a bit of hiking each 'weekend.' Last Sunday, we got dropped off at 229 Parks Restaurant, which was recommended to us as somewhere we had to go. The restaurant had sold out of their brunch menu, so we decided to purchase a few baked goods and be on our way. While I was in the bathroom, the owner of the restaurant saw Reed and took pity. She pulled together a tasty treat for us to enjoy - flat bread with chicken, pancetta and greens.
229 Parks Excellent Brunch

Our hike was the 'Triple Lakes' hike - a point-to-point hike on the edge of Denali National Park. We had done the hike once before, but in the opposite direction. This time our hike began with 30 minutes of road walking to get from 229 Parks to the trail head. It's a lovely hike - pretty mellow on the elevation, passes by three lakes and includes a ridge walk with scenic vistas in both directions.

In front of 229 Parks Restaurant

So much beautiful water, I was grateful for the bridge! 

Lake Three

One of the glorious views afforded on this hike

A Sweet Treat at the end

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