Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday afternoon Stroll: Hiking Los Angeles - Day 1 on the Inman 300

Today Reed & I began the Inman 300 route, an urban hike through greater Los Angeles, which winds its way around the area to include 344 public stairwells and takes one from Pasadena to San Pedro. We started out by trying to find somewhere to leave our rental car while we walked for a few hours. 2-hour parking that might get locked at sunset --- not a good idea since we weren't sure how long we would walk. A church - nope, requires a parking permit... the high school - again - 2 hours or requires a permit. Finally - a neighborhood about 1/4 mile away - no parking 2-4 on school days - ok, that'll work.

Starting the hike

The walking felt fantastic - moving our bodies in the way that they are designed to move after a car trip spanning 4 days. Ahhh, my mood began to brighten. Up and up we walked as the streets curved around and circled back higher up.

 And then - suddenly - the first stairwell! Photo time! I was excited. I told Reed that it was like we had reached the beach - which on my Pacific Northwest Trail hike meant that we had completed the approach and were now beginning the real route.

The views from up high were gorgeous and in the winter light, everything looked beautiful, including all the suburban homes we walked by on our way down the other side. We parted ways around mile 5. Reed went back to retrieve the car, in order to let me keep walking the actual route and get in more miles.

Down in the Arroyo Seco area south of the Rosebowl, I found stairwell #2 and was grateful that the gate at the top of the stairs was not yet locked up.

I walked on for another 45 minutes in the fading light. Reed met me with the car along the route of the Rosebowl parade, which took place a few days ago and thus the grandstands are still assembled.

Tonight, we get to sleep and relax at an Embassy Suites hotel, which included a complimentary cocktail hour. We're living the good life. I'm happy to be back on a trail.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. The Inman 300 has been on my wish list for a year or so. Maybe it's time to get the ball rolling. Did it take much planning beforehand?