Monday, January 12, 2015

City to the Sea - Day 9 on the Inman 300

Tonight I am once again exhausted, and there were only nine stairways in today's route, section H. I got a late start, about 10 am and walked continuously through the day, minus a few stops to use bathrooms, refill water and purchase food which I can eat while continuing to walk. A few food highlights were a pizza slice, sushi eaten with a spoon, a can of cold coffee with milk as well as a couple of protein bars. Honey packets and bites of cheddar cheese allowed me to push through the final 4+ miles, which were done in the dark. I had to push myself, especially near the end as I wanted to stop when the light drained from the sky. 

Today's section started near the Sunset Strip. I took a detour to walk it, where I came upon this clever window display, 

Walking the median trail along Santa Monica Blvd.

More trail in the city

Narrow shoulder & puddles makes for a challenge. 

High-rise apartment and hotel buildings make for different street life

One of my meals, which fulfilled a couple of cravings & gave me a boost. 

Sunset Blvd climbing up. 

LA seems to be full of great architecture. 

On the 9th day of walking - the Pacific! 

One of the few stairways on this section. 

I caught the sun setting just in time. 

I'm looking forward to more ocean views in the coming days. 

It's hard to believe these stairs have been around for over 80 years. 

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