Saturday, January 10, 2015

Toughest Section So Far - Day 7 on the Inman 300

I had a fantastic and very full day today, thanks in large part to the efforts of Dan, who guided and took care of me the whole 19+ miles, which included 61 separate stairwells for a total of 4300 feet of elevation gain. These may not be full mountains here in urban Los Angeles, but their elevation certainly does add up over the course of the day. The day was overcast and rainy; it felt like warm Seattle weather, and yet the streets were noticeably absent of their usual walkers and joggers. In one of the neighborhoods on a winding street, a woman pulled up to us in her Prius to offer us a ride back to our car, because of the rain. A sweet offer, yet we kept walking. As long as we kept moving, I stayed warm. It was surprising to me, though, how much lower the temperature was as compared to a few days ago. 

On today's hike, I also had the great pleasure of getting to walk with my friend Natalia, a spouse to one of my fellow students at seminary in northern California. She is tough! She kept pace for most of the day's miles and stairwells, all while keeping an upbeat and sweet disposition. 

And Reed, my husband, was there, walking with me for many of the miles, and cheering me on when he chose to sit out a few miles. That is how he is, my constant encouragement and so very good to me. At the end of the day, there he was, ordering food so that it would be ready when I arrived. We met up at Ye Rustic Inn, a sports bar, to watch the Seahawks game against the Carolina Panthers and gorge ourselves on fried foods including zucchini and onion rings. Reed had ordered me one of my favorites, a reuben. 

Dan - my enthusiastic "domestique" for the day. 

Natalia & I at the top of stairs we will soon descend. 

"Pole Replacement" according to Dan. What I saw was a man walk up a pole. 

These stairs count towards the total - walk in the middle! 

Detail of wooden stairs & how they are secured together. 

A particularly lovely pedestrian walk as part of larger stairwalk by which hillside homes are accessed. These are walk-in homes. 

Out of breath at the top of a 100+ set of stairs. 

Two Stair-walking enthusiasts: Dan & Dave

I loved these stairs - looking down towards the Silver Lake Reservoir. 

These stairs one led to a train stop, which no longer exists. The stairs are being used once again as pedestrian access to the homes above.  

Hyperion Bridge - twists and turns to get all the stairs without unnecessary backtracking. 

Public Art in an old neighborhood & a way to collect donations for the many chandeliers having in the tree above. 

The Chandelier Tree. 

Artwork on a home. 

Tracks of stairwalkers & public art. 

At the end of today's route, section F, damp and tired and feeling grateful for the body that continually takes me places. 


  1. What a wonderful account of your great work today. You've done more than half of the total miles and way more than half of the total elevation gain on the route. You can certainly claim a satisfied sense of accomplishment for getting yesterday's and today's segments done complete. Hollywood Hills next - enjoy! Bob

    1. It turns out that this is a tough hike you designed, beautiful and fun too. I've loved picking up my food along the way, getting to experience the city's variety of cuisines and styles of eating. Today was fun, seeing a number of different areas and gradually getting nearer to the ocean, feeling my hairy get frizzy from the salt air and finally coming upon it just as the sun was setting.

  2. Thank you for letting me part of your adventure. I had a great time with you guys. I admire your drive, and your free spirit is contagious.

    1. It was a treat to walk with you, Natalia! You were tough & showed such stamina.