Friday, January 9, 2015

Slithering Through the City - Day 6 on the Inman 300+

What a fantastic day! I'm worn out, but less destroyed than last night. I walked 17+ miles today and went up or down 56 stairwells. I was guided and accompanied by two fantastic stairwalking enthusiasts. And I got to eat great food. Plus, bathrooms were more plentiful, which meant that I could drink more water and as a result I am not dehydrated. The route today went back & forth just a few streets apart many times in order to collect all the many stairways. There were so many! Although the route had been amended, I didn't catch the change in time & thus went up the Swan Street stairs - 3 sets of about 100 steps each. My companion at the time, Carry, obligingly went along without complaint. This city is fantastic. So much better than I would have known without walking it. Tonight, we are staying 17 miles from the end of today's route. It seemed far to drive. And then I thought - 17 miles - I could have walked here. I walked that same distance today.

One section of the elevated pedestrian walkway that traverses downtown streets above the vehicles. 

Andrew - Stairwalking Enthusiast & one of the trail founders met & guided me through a section with many confusing and wonderful turns. He even bought me coffee, a great way to get me going for the long miles ahead.

Hello Burrito at a street side cafe with outdoor booths. 

I loved these stairs - old and wooden and small and just barely meeting the criteria to be included at 10 or 11 steps depending on how they get counted. 

There were many fantastic views

My walking partner for most of the day, Carry. She kept me going through the tough miles with conversation, stairwell knowledge and commentary of the city. 

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