Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Long & Winding - Day 3 on the Inman 300

I'm back at the hotel after a full day spent 'on trail.' It was a gorgeous sunny day out there, and thus I was grateful for my sunscreen and sun-shirt and water in the midst of a desert, which it seems is what LA would be minus the tremendous influx of water from other places.

I rode one bus and three trains to arrive back at my stopping off point from yesterday, in the Highland Park area of NE Los Angeles. The light was especially beautiful this morning. I stopped in for a coffee and vegan chocolate coconut cookie to accompany me as I began.

The homes along the route in Highland Park were candy for my eyes. Their many artistic details made for delightful walking and observing. The first couple of miles involved turns or stairs within almost every block, so I was attentive and enjoying.

I particularly liked this stairwell and it's accompanying --- not sure  ---- ashtray, I think.

There was a plentitude of public art, including this piece of a larger mural on the exterior of a public school. 

There is such a tremendous amount of beauty. It just requires looking in a new way sometimes.

 Succulents and cacti abound along the route. And in the small spaces, the city is brimming over with artwork. These tiles line the steps on one of the many stairwells I walked today - about 40, I think, over the course of 20ish miles. 

This urban hike is allowing me to enjoy Los Angeles in a way that I wouldn't otherwise. The structure gets me out and amidst an area that I've found intimidating in the past. 

As the daylight left the sky, I made my way to bus 794, passing by Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academies, a used car lot and a donut shop. 

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