Tuesday, February 10, 2015

All around the South End - Seattle's Beautiful Stairs - Day Two

In Seattle, stairs are counted differently than in Los Angeles. For the route I'm currently walking, there must be at least 100 stairs to qualify for inclusion. This helps explain why I walked right by some sets of stairs, and wound around to collect others. My favorite of the day was deep in SW corner of West Seattle, south of the Fauntleroy Ferry, tucked back in a beautiful neighborhood. It was constructed of plastic boards, covered in textured tar paper to prevent slipping and wound around between property lines. It emerged at the top from beside a car garage, an entry I wouldn't have been able to find.

I've been struggling with the maps for this route. They're loaded on my phone, through the google earth app, which has a tendency to crash after every second or so photo taken, and sometimes at other provocations. This has caused me to use caution when snapping photos, because losing my maps in a ravine or park sometimes means that I can't reload them until I get out of the ravine. All this to say, I don't have a photo of my favorite stairs, because it wasn't worth the risk of crashing my maps at that point in the day.

I walked from 8:30 am until about 7pm, with a number of stops along the way, but none that involved sitting. I bought food at a few places, and walked with it while I ate. The day's temperatures were pleasant at a walking pace, but would have been frigid if I had sat down for any length. There was almost no rain all day long, and enough sun throughout the day to have given me a light sunburn on my face. Thinking back over the stairs and parts of the city that I saw today, I am surprised at how much I saw and how much ground I covered. I don't know how far I went, only that I about reached my limit and was grateful to finish at my apartment in West Seattle, and sit down to a meal cooked by my husband.

Starting out on the stairs adjacent to I90
Transportation! Crossing into Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood

Pedestrian portion of Bridge over Duwamish River

The Duwamish River - an active waterway

Trail through the West Duwamish Greenbelt

Muddy Conditions even without new rain

Hidden away near S Seattle Community College

This design reminds me of LA stairs

Puget Sound from Lincoln Park

One of two sets in Lincoln Park


  1. I90 to west seattle in one day seems really far to me.

  2. I start here tomorrow Walking 4 days The sequence on Yadricks 2015 route has changed a bit I believe Now I get to follow in your footprints for a change and am enjoying your journal Bob

    1. Bob ~ What joy to hear that you are in my fair city and enjoying its public stairs! Thank you for reading my writing!