Wednesday, February 11, 2015

West Seattle's Alki & Up, then under a few bridges - Day Three

My day was full of work and school, and so I had time just for 2.5 hours of walking this evening. As I began walking, I thought to myself, why am I even bothering when I may only be able to walk for an hour. I could have a relaxing evening or go to the track, like I had planned. And then I remembered something Ray Jardine said in his 'Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's Handbook.' He said if a person really wants to do hiking, big or small, if they want it bad enough, they can and will figure out how to make it work, they'll figure ways to save the money and find the time. And what good fortune that I'm doing a route right in my own city, where I can logistically make it work to walk for a couple of hours on a Wednesday evening. And so I walked down the Spokane Street stairway and on over to Alki. The tide was low, and I took advantage, walking on smooth rocks that would usually be under five feet of water. The light was quickly fading from the sky, a tugboat slowly pulled a barge and there were others out enjoying this fine winter evening of no rain and high fifties, quite pleasant if one keeps moving. 
I encountered a number of stairways that were new to me, and that provide excellent views of Puget Sound, looking north towards Magnolia and Discovery Park, some ten miles distant by water. I could see from above the route that Reed & I kayaked on Christmas Day. Gorgeous, this place where land meets water on almost every side. 

Looking rather stunned and bleary after a full day. I finally was able to retrieve my poles! 

New-to-me Stairs on Bonair Drive Stairs

Hughes Stairway (continued on for another block)

Hughes from above - day light gone as I head into muddy Duwamish Head Ravine

Charlestown Stairs & West Seattle Bridge in background

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